Faculty positions

cover of 2010 ExCEL brochure

In 2007, the UW Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering created an initiative — the UW Experimental Computer Engineering Lab (ExCEL) — to facilitate broad collaboration between the departments along the computer engineering boundary. Since then we have recruited four outstanding faculty, and are continuing to grow the group. Current efforts include work in wireless power, ubiquitous computing, novel sensor systems, and synthetic biology. The program focuses on all aspects of computer engineering, including nanotechnology, implantable and biologically interfaced devices, synthetic molecular engineering, VLSI, embedded systems, sensor systems, parallel computing, network systems, and technology for the developing world.

Please read Computer Engineering and the UW Experimental Computer Engineering Lab (ExCEL) - Fall 2010 for news and information on the ExCEL lab.